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Welcome to Fairfield City Museum and Gallery – We are Fairfield’s foremost Living Museum.

Experiencing the beauty of local cultures requires an immersive experience. At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we provide a fully immersive experience that allows you to enjoy the artwork, festivals, worship and culture of local communities.

What We Do

The team at living museum are experienced and well trained to bring the culture of Fairfield to your doorstep. We have a bespoke tailored virtual tour that will suit every of our tourist.

We specialise in giving you the best and taking you to areas outstanding beauty and cultural importance and interest in the Fairfield culture. Because we value our reputation and prioritise our tourists’ satisfaction, we have customised our tours to meet your needs.

Our offerings cut across the following categories.


Museums and Gallery

We provide access to various museums and galleries that allows you to explore Fairfield cultures. Our galleries include Stein Gallery

Cultural Tours

At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we are concerned with providing you with the most memorable cultural tour into the way and life of Fairfield’s diverse people.


Our offerings under this category extend to local history, multicultural driving tour, and historical photographs, among others.


The Fairfield City Museum offers education and training on a wide range of program, activities and tools to appreciate the value of arts and discover the life and beauty of contemporary artwork.

Why Us

Beyond our wealth of experience at delivering the best in every of our service, we advise our clients and potential tourists always to make us their first choice because we:

Give you our dedicated support all through your tour.

Ensure your satisfaction during our virtual tour guides.

Preserve our reputation by putting you first and ensuring you get the best of every experience.

Are very affordable and provide you with unparalleled quality service delivery.

Stand by you to provide answers to your inquiries.

Allow you to lead the way.

About Living Museum

A living museum provides you with an engaging insight and virtual tour to the cultural heritage of Fairfield local community. We provide our tourists with a unique journey into diverse local cultures, people, language, food, worship, history and festivals.

Our flawless antecedent makes us the number one pick among tourist willing to dive into the Fairfield culture. All our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of our tourists and students.

With us, you can be sure to have a fulfilled virtual experience of our cultural heritage from the comfort of your home.

About Us

A living museum is an engaging museum without barriers. It showcases Fairfield’s local community cultures and the many diverse ways our people celebrate, worship, display, perform and exchange ideas, history and heritage. Fairfield presents abundant festivals, ethno-specific performers, cuisine and places of worship.

At Fairfield Museum and Gallery, we offer access to an immersive experience. We are Fairfield foremost spot to experience the beauty of local cultures.


Fairfield City Museum and Gallery

634 The Horsley Drive Smithfield NSW 2164

Phone: (02) 9725 0190

Email: museumgallery@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au

Local History – Whitlam Library

Cnr Railway Parade & McBurney Road Cabramatta NSW 2166

Phone: (02) 9725 0365