Cultural Tours

Cultural tourism has been one of the most cherished subsets of tourism in recent times. At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we are concerned with our tourists’ engagement with diverse cultures, languages, people, and arts of Fairfield City.

At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we are concerned with providing you with the most memorable cultural tour into the way and life of Fairfield’s diverse people. We have programmed our services to identify your most compelling cultural urge and satisfy them adequately by deploying our experienced and competent personnel to be your host and guide through every minute of your tour.

Our personnel are specially trained to attend to every of your need and settle any doubts you may have as you bask in the fun of your cultural tour.

We explore your fantasy and take you through different cultures from ancient traditions to contemporary cultural development, down from spiritual temples to a bustling commercial centre and from kitsch to classical traditions. We bring you fascinating places and way of life of the most diverse people in Fairfield.

Because we maintain a track record of excellence and tourists’ satisfaction, Fairfield City Museum and Gallery has consistently been the number one pick among tourists and migrants wishing to experience a memorable cultural tour. We take charge of the tour and take our migrants by hands through historical happenings and events. We ensure our tourists have a feel of significant sites and places of worship. We make you have the experience of different cultures and art at your palm without leaving your comfort zone.


In ensuring you enjoy your tour, we have undertaken extensive consultation into many communities, way of life, music, arts, and cultures. The experience and the knowledge from all these have been culminated to produce our highly valued research material which will provide the basis for your tour. We have also created audio guides to accompany you throughout your cultural tour.

All our research materials, audio guides and resources have been made to promote different cultural heritage, historical knowledge, spiritual leanings and architectural legacy to encourage cultural exchange.

To give you the diversity you require and help you fulfil your desire of a fun-filled tour, we have divided our cultural tour service into two aspects; the urban cultural tour and the rural or traditional cultural tour.

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Urban Cultural Tour

Our urban cultural tour brings you face-bare with different monuments, historic and large cities and their various mind-blowing cultural facilities and tools. We give you access to the unhindered experience of the busy cultural world and their people.
We take you out of your busy schedule and give you an experience filled with cultural fantasy.
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Rural / Traditional Cultural Tour

Our rural or traditional takes you as far back as you’re willing to go. We escort you throughout the journey as you take a tour to experience ancient cultural events and activities. With our rural cultural tour, we ensure you have a deep cultural experience linked to nature-based activities.