The Fairfield City Museum offers education and training on a wide range of program, activities and tools to appreciate the value of arts and discover the life and beauty of contemporary artworks. The program is tailored to give our students deep insight into diverse cultural heritage through meaningful and interactive learning.

The education and training program would involve symposia, conferences and supervised excursions through our museum to allow our trainees to acquire first-hand knowledge and change or foreground their outlook of various arts and culture in Fairfield.

With our experienced tutors specialised in distinct arts and culture, we invite you to come, explore and learn about the unpopular magnificence of diverse cultural heritage through our education and training program.

School Program

This program has been tailored to meet the needs of school children in their tender years to experience the ecstasy of arts and culture as it was in their great grandparents’ days.

We allow students to have a first-hand experience of our gallery. The school program is designed in such a way that our museums are made into an accessible place of learning, providing our arts and gallery as invaluable learning tools for our students.

Through the school program, we ensure that we reinforce the significant functions of teachers, museum tutors and our experienced artistic personnel in the learning process of our kids.

Each lesson in our school program has been tailored to meet the diverse needs and abilities of our students. Our focus is here on speed, but on knowledge gained and events experienced.

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Publication and Resources

Our publication and resources explore the diverse cultural heritage and contemporary arts in Fairfield. We have a team of specialised and experienced tutors who have documented their wealth of experience and knowledge in our different publications and resources.

Our publications and resources have been specially made for easy assimilation. The resources are projected with visual, audio and image teaching and visibility to enable you to have a deep insight into what we have to offer you.

With our pool of periodic publications and resources, you can access and visit different Fairfield culture and appreciate age-long cultural heritage from your comfort.

Visual Abilities

At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we offer a visual ability accessible program to cater to the needs of our vital people living with different forms of disability. Our program is made to grant you unparalleled access regardless of your disability.

We also have experienced on-the-ground assistants to guide you through your tour of our arts and cultural gallery.

At Fairfield City Museum, we do not let your disability stay in the way of your learning, and we admonish you not to.


In our Museum and Gallery, we have a suite of well-edited videos explicitly created to introduce and accompany you through our arts and culture. They are videos that have captured intriguing moments from our events and are produced for exhibitions. With our Films, we bring you every moment of mind-blowing historical happenings and events in the past. At Fairfield, we become your host and guide as you take a 3D tour through our vibrant arts and gallery.

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