Stein Gallery

This gallery was developed in 1995. The gallery displays a variety of works. With changes to the exhibition every six to eight weeks, the gallery promises an exciting visit every time.

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Former Council Chambers

This building is integral to the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery. It was built in 1913. Since then, it has been used for three purposes. First, it served as the Council Chambers for Fairfield and Smithfield Council till 1921.

In 1921, a businessman named James Leslie Morris purchased the building. He transformed it into his family home. It continued to be the Morris’ family residence till 1980.

In 1983, residents convinced the Fairfield City Council to purchase the property and a nearby block of land. The properties were later developed into a museum. The building now displays temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Online Village Tour

We have village tours that will interest you. The virtual tours are designed to help you explore the past life of Fairfield city.

Publications and Resources

Our resources include booklets detailing the history of Fairfield City. We also have online resources to help you discover the diverse communities of Fairfield.

Public Programs

We also offer tour programs to the public. Our programs are available to help you discover Fairfield’s cultural heritage.

Visitor Information

You can spend time at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery with your friends and family. You can also explore various events and exhibitions at the museum and gallery.

The Museum and Gallery is currently the biggest exhibition spot in Fairfield City. We are famous for our all-embracing work in showcasing Fairfield’s community. We also store a large share of Fairfield’s resources. 

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery leads the attempt of preserving the history of Fairfield City. We curate and exhibit the heritage of Fairfield’s cultural diversity.

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery works with Arts NSW and the Fairfield City Council.

Open Periods: Tuesdays to Fridays; 10 am – 4 pm.

Saturdays; 10 am – 2 pm.

Admission: Admission is Free!

Closed Periods: Sundays, Mondays and on Public Holidays.

Location: 634, The Horsley Drive, Smithfield, New South Wales. 

Direction: On the Cumberland Highway, turn left after The Horsley Drive, Brennan Street. Turn left into Oxford Street and drive in.

Accessibility: Access for wheelchairs available. We also have an accessible parking space.

Public Transport: At Fairfield Station, Buses 812, 813 and 814 are available.

Contact Us

Telephone: 02 9725 0190

Fax: 02 9757 4357

Postal Address: P.O. Box 2464, Smithfield NSW 2164



Carmel Aiello, Museum Co-ordinator and Education Officer.

Helen Johnson, Social History and Exhibition Curator.

Maria Luongo, Administrative Assistant

Site Hire and Group Bookings

Group Bookings

Group bookings are available upon request. You can book between Tuesdays and Saturdays every week.

What you stand to gain: You can experience history while enjoying Devonshire morning tea. This booking service also includes a self-guided tour and some snacks.

Our group bookings cost $5 per person. Only group bookings are available. 


Site Hire/Business Groups

You can hire for several purposes. When the weather is harsh, the Machinery shed is an alternative site. Please note that the Stein Gallery is not allowed for use.

While there are selected locations for pictures, there are several restrictions on photography. The limits are because the museum contains cultural heritage.

Please note that no temporary constructions are allowed. These include bridal arches, marquees, bollards, and carpets.

Our price list is available upon request. 

We have a parking space on site. However, the available space is limited. We have one parking spot for disabled guests. Our buildings also have wheelchair access.

For bookings and enquiries, contact us. Our Terms and Conditions are also available upon demand.

Our Collection

At Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, we have over 3000 items. These items depict Fairfield’s history and heritage.

The items concern subjects like the life of Aboriginal people in Fairfield City, culture, spirituality, domestic life, education, war, local personalities, commerce, and leisure. We also have items related to multicultural groups, health, entertainment, sport, and the history of the City Council.

Some of these items are exhibited at the permanent spaces in the Former Council Chambers/Museum site. The remaining items are regularly put up online. You can gain access to some of these items via our Objects of Significance link.

Contact us for more information. 


Volunteering and Positions Vacant

Volunteers are essential to Fairfield City Museum and Gallery. Our volunteers help in these roles:

Living the Past Education Program:

Volunteers present this program for children of primary school age. Volunteers work with our staff to coordinate small size groups moving through the village. They also help children have a feel of life between the 1880s and the 1930s.

Public Programs:

Volunteers help staff with these programs to improve the experience of visitors. 

Behind the Scenes:

Volunteers assist staff working on collections, curatorial and administrative tasks. 

Vacant positions:

Volunteer applications are open for the position of a Social History Curator. For further information, visit Fairfield City Council’s website and the “positions vacant” webpage.