What’s On

At Fairfield City, we are a living museum, and we exceed expectations by going out of the ordinary to provide the very best for our tourists and students.

To experience our cultural bliss, we ask you to be part of us for our exciting and continually changing series of programs, events, children’s activities and workshop.

Our programs are designed to give our tourists and students an insight into Fairfield local cultural heritage and give them a long-lasting experience of fulfilment.



We have a wide range of exhibition that explores and showcases different forms of arts ranging from fashion to creative photograph and research.

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Stein Gallery

With our Stein Gallery, we explore Sydney’s emerging modest fashion market and the work of a new generation of fashion designers. This exhibition features fashion shoots, interviews, garments and many more. We also exhibit retailers, writings, bloggers offering stylish clothing and fashion for Muslim women. Our interview is also always with six Sydney-based fashion brands.
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Community Space

Our Community Space gallery has been designed to allow individuals and groups to showcase and narrate their skills, stories, objects and traditions for some specified time. We consider how we perceive museum objects in the current world, and how do we compare our objects to adopt new meaning? We do these through our creative photographs and research which have been evoking personal and collective memories from the community, recreating stories and reforming narratives.
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Online Exhibition

Our Online Exhibition also creates an opportunity to present our arts and gallery through virtual means. With this, we have set out cultural footprints which presents a cultural mosaic as a result of the footsteps left by different language communities as they arrive, survive and continue to leave community footprint. In turn, this provides the starting point to discovering the reasons for some essential historical settlements, and time footprints which are a timeline that identifies decades of global events and migration policies which have influenced some community settlement.

We also pride in documenting changing places which explains how the construction of identity after the migration has an important spatial dimension.

Things to Do

We have a wide range of visual art classes for children, workshops and symposia for adult, fun-filled activities for kids below the age of five, various school holiday fun-filled events and school activities to entertain you and the kids. All our programs have been designed to meet your needs satisfactorily.

Workshops and Classes

We run year-long seminars and classes. We help you connect with your creativity through our various creative exercises.

School Holiday Activities

We ask you to join us for our exciting school holiday activities, especially for the kids and young at heart. We have an array of activities to keep your kids engaging throughout.


At Fairfield, you can make your bookings for all of our museum and events galleries.

Activity Trail

Our activity trail vintage adventure is specially produced for kids who spend time on the site. We have download able copies of the activity trail if you are finding it inconvenient to pick a copy from the front desk of the museum.

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